Hi, I'm Jessica!

My passion for health can be traced back to my youth when my mother raised me on macrobiotic food and raw vegetables. Sugar was strictly forbidden in our house. My mother had witnessed firsthand the devastating affects of illness in her own mother, and was passionate about preventative natural living. She engrained in me that our bodies and our relationships are our most prized possessions and we need to take great care with them. 

I jumped into the essential oils world ten years ago when I was looking for natural ways to support my family’s health.

Little did I know what was about to happen to my life when I got that starter kit! I called the lady I got them from and said I wanted to get a kit for my mom too. She told me if I got my mom a kit under my member number I would get a commission...

When that check arrived it got my wheels turning! Could I get more of these checks? I started sharing the products and the business with friends (even when I was secretly thinking “nobody would be interested in these except for me”).

Well, people who I shared them with shared them with more people and before I knew it I quit my job as a financial planner and pursued this business full-time. My dream was to work from home so I could watch my 6, 2, and 1 year old grow up. 

Flash forward ten years and that’s what happened. Our team ballooned to over 100,000+ people in 66 countries!

My husband, Nathan l, and I love to travel from our home in San Diego and share about the aromatic magic that is in these little bottles.

Personally you’ll find me walking my giant goldendoodle, Sam, around the neighborhood, reading (can’t get enough!), talking with my friends or making new ones, chauffeuring my kids around town or hanging out at the beach. I hope I can meet and get to know you!

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